Venue Driver introduces receipt printing capability.

After testing with some of the hottest venues in the world, we’re proud to offer receipt/chit printing capability for Venue Driver’s VIP/reservation check-in function. Certainly, the nightlife world is becoming a paperless one, with many venues eschewing paper-systems entirely in favor of systems like our cutting-edge iPad application-based software, but for many venues, especially those situated in hotels and casinos, a paper-based backup of transactions may be required by corporate policy, or local law itself.

With that in mind, we’re proud to offer this feature for all new and existing clients. We can work to configure your existing POS printers to properly format for our system, or users can select from our low-cost line of thermal and impact printers for a painless turnkey operational experience. Please contact your Venue Driver rep today for more information on this useful new feature. And as always, any interested parties may drop us a line at anytime at for more information on the Venue Driver suite of services.

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