Guestlists and reservations via email for Venue Driver

As Venue Driver clients, did you know that you can email guestlists and reservations directly to the system and have them appear instantaneously at the door via your choice of check-in method, whether it be your laptop or the Apple iPad?

Here at Venue Driver, we know that today’s nightlife professional is often constantly on the move and “lives or dies” by his or her mobile device. Of course, Venue Driver is fully accessible on all major mobile platforms, but we’ve also gone one step further by allowing the client-on-the-go to email his or her guestlists and reservations in. It’s as simple as firing up your mobile device’s email client and sending the message in an easy-to-remember format to an email address we set up specifically for your venue.

Existing clients should contact their Venue Driver rep today to enable this free addition to the Venue Driver suite. If you’re not a Venue Driver client yet and are interested in this and more, please drop us a line at

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